Our art doesn’t just hang out and look pretty…
It does stuff too!

When purchasing Chatterbox acoustic fine artwork, you are buying more than a beautiful piece of art to compliment your environment. You are investing in a highly designed product with an aural function that will enhance your life.

That’s value you can truly perceive.

Our Fabric

Our fabric sets us apart!

We specially sourced an incredibly durable 100% polyester fabric that mimics the look of fine artist canvas, instead of the knitted, transparent, inexpensive looking fabric found throughout our industry.

Our sustainable dye-sublimation printing process penetrates the surface of the fabric rather than sitting on top of it, yielding beautiful and permanently embedded colors that won’t fade, bleed or crack over time.

Limitations in achieving full-color saturation due to our textured fabric and dye-sublimation printing process can affect the print’s vibrancy. To counteract this, we make digital enhancements to each of our image files. If uploading your art files to Chatterbox, Inc., you may notice minor color variations in the finished product. We trust you will appreciate the upgraded aesthetic of our fine art acoustic prints.

Our Acoustic Cores

Our Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 1.0 is hard to beat!

Our 2” thick acoustic core material is made specifically for sound abatement and cannot be found in home improvement stores – expect optimum acoustic performance. Watch out for others using less effective “acoustic materials” such as foam, mineral wool or wall insulation.

Our acoustic cores are safe!

Made from 100% polyester (60% PET – recycled fiber, 40% PET – virgin fiber) our 5# per cubic foot density cores contain zero chemical irritants or binding agents and are non-toxic, non-allergenic and formaldehyde-free.  Our cores are also moisture and mold resistant, an important factor in many applications.

Class A fire rated, our cores have a Flame Spread Index of 15 and a Smoke Developed Index of 250.

Our cores are impact resistant!

Most of our competitors use an impressionable acoustic material that will dent when something leans against it (mineral wool, wall insulation or content using recycled paper and cotton are examples). We don’t think your investment should be ruined by one simple accident, so we’ve ensured our art won’t easily dent.

Custom sizes don’t mean custom prices!

Although we offer 10 common acoustic sizes, we don’t want your project to be limited in any way and offer custom sizes up to 48″ x 96″. Email sales@chatterboxartworks.com for more information about custom sizes.

Our Mouldings

Having only one option is not an option!

As art consultants, we feel all acoustic artwork should have the opportunity to be elegantly framed, especially when it will function in your environment for years to come.

Therefore, we offer two frame styles in six different finishes to further customize your truly unique piece of art.

Standard Frame

A traditional yet clean way to frame and compliment your art and add impact. This shadowbox moulding with a 1¼″ wide face and 2 ⅛” depth highlights and strengthens your artwork without distracting from it.

Finishes Include:
Flat Black
Satin Gold*
Satin Silver
Flat White

Finish Swatches (2X Magnification):

*Not an exact match to their Float Frame counterpart.

Float Frame

Historically used to frame canvases and not photography, our construction allows us to bend the rules! This float frame has a narrow face width of ⅜″ and depth of 2 ⅝”. The ¼” reveal of space we create between the art and the frame creates a floating appearance within the frame. A truly contemporary and ultra-clean way to showcase your artwork.

Finishes Include:
Flat Black
Satin Gold*
Warm Silver
Flat White
Finish Swatches (2X Magnification):

*Not an exact match to their Float Frame counterpart.

No Frame

If you choose not to frame, your artwork will have industry-standard gallery wrapped edges.

Art Depths (Hanging with hardware)

No Frame 2 ¼”
Standard Frame 2 ⅜”
Float Frame 2 ⅞”


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Closeup of Gallery Wrapped Edges
Close up of unframed artwork with Gallery Wrapped Edges

Handling, Cleaning & Care Instructions

Clean your Chatterbox fine acoustic art as you would any other investment – with care!


Handle your artwork with clean cotton gloves or freshly washed hands to prevent the transfer of dirt and oils.

Frame Care

Dust and clean the frame with a soft nonabrasive cloth. Do not use household cleaners or the frame’s finish will be harmed.

Fabric Care

To remove dust or dirt from the printed fabric, vacuum it GENTLY with an attachment with bristles only (using a vacuum attachment with a hard plastic edge may crush and permanently mark the fabric and the acoustic core). If residue remains, lightly use a DRY magic eraser for any stained areas.

Color Fastness

Although our dye-sublimation printing process bakes the pigment into the fibers of our polyester fabric, the sun will fade the artwork over time if placed in a sunny room or in the direct sunlight.