Before uploading your image, we encourage you to review the information below.

Understanding Pixels

Digital photos are comprised of pixels. A pixel is the smallest element of a digital image. PPI (pixels per inch) denotes the fixed number of pixels a screen can display and the number of pixels in a digital image. Pixel count denotes the number of pixels across the width and height of an image.

DPI (dots per inch) denotes how small those pixels will be when the image is printed. To calculate the size of your print in inches, divide its pixel dimensions by the print resolution (DPI) desired. For example, if your photo is 600 pixels wide by 900 pixels high, it would come out to 2″ x 3″ if you were to print at 300 ppi:

600 pixels ÷ 300 ppi = 2″
900 pixels ÷ 300 ppi = 3″

Understanding Digital Printing Sizes

Ideal image resolution (dpi) depends primarily on how far away the viewer is from the art. The larger an image is, the farther away you need to stand to view it all. The farther away, the less resolution required to render a clear image.

  • 300 dpi is recommended for high-quality prints, such as fine art books, viewed from less than two feet away.
  • Art prints are meant to be viewed at a distance of 3 feet or greater and are typically printed at 150 dpi.

Please note: Smartphones and some digital camera photos are too small for our standard sizes and will be rejected by our software unless the image has been upscaled to meet our minimum requirements. We have high standards for our fine art. It’s why we don’t accept image files below 150 dpi. Please contact us to request printing below 150 dpi.

How to Find Image Pixel Dimensions

To find the file size and pixel dimensions of your digital image, open it in your preferred image viewer program and locate the image properties in the program’s menu structure. You can also find the dimensions through the following options:

Windows – Open Windows Explorer and locate your image on your computer. Right click on the file name and select “Properties” from the menu. Go to the “Details” tab and the dimensions will be listed there.

Mac – use the Finder to locate your image then Control+click on the image. Click on “Get Info.” Expand the General Section to see your image size and dimensions.