General Questions

Can I cancel an order after it is placed?

Yes. You can cancel within the first 24 hours of placing your order for a full refund.

What payment methods do you accept?
When will my credit card be charged for my order?

The full amount of the order will be charged when it is placed, not shipped. This includes shipping costs and any applicable state and local taxes.

Can you help me with my special project?

We can assist you with custom, unique or large projects. Please, call us at 619.821.7800 or email us at

Can I order samples?

You can order print and frame samples for $10.00 each. We do not offer samples of a fabricated piece of artwork.

Can I rush my order for an additional fee?

Unfortunately, we do not accept rush requests at this time.

How do I clean and care for my acoustic artwork?

Clean your Chatterbox fine acoustic art as you would any other investment – with care!

  • Handle your artwork with clean cotton gloves or freshly washed hands to prevent the transfer of dirt and oils.
  • Dust and clean the frame with a soft nonabrasive cloth. Do not use household cleaners or the frame’s finish will be harmed.
  • To remove dust or dirt from the printed fabric, vacuum it GENTLY with an attachment with bristles only (using a vacuum attachment with a hard plastic edge may crush and permanently mark the fabric and the acoustic core). If residue remains, lightly use a DRY magic eraser for any stained areas.
  • Although our dye-sublimation printing process bakes the pigment into the fibers of our polyester fabric, the sun will fade the artwork over time if placed in a sunny room or in the direct sunlight.


For technical information regarding required pixel dimensions, image resolution or maximum file sizes, please visit Pixels 101.

Can someone on your team help me with art selection?

Absolutely! We are experienced art consultants and can help you curate your project. Please, call us at 619.821.7800 or email to get started.

Do you offer graphic design services?

We do offer graphic design services! Please call us at 619.821.7800 or email for assistance.

Where can I find additional imagery?

If you would like recommendations on where to find additional imagery or what kind of imagery would be ideal for your space, please call us at 619.821.7800 or email for assistance.

Can I upload any image?

You must acknowledge that you have the applicable license to use, modify and reproduce the image you upload, and that you and will be legally responsible for any infringements. Chatterbox, Inc. bears no responsibility for the licensing of submitted artwork.

Please note: Smartphones and some digital camera photos are too small for our standard sizes and will be rejected by our software unless the image has been upscaled to meet our minimum requirements. We have high standards for our fine art. It’s why we don’t accept image files below 150 dpi. Please contact us to request printing below 150 dpi.


What is copyright infringement?

As a general matter, copyright infringement occurs when a copyrighted work is reproduced, distributed, performed, publicly displayed, or made into a derivative work without the permission of the copyright owner.

The owner of a copyright gets to decide who can legally make copies of that work. It is illegal to copy large sections of someone else’s copyrighted work without permission, even if you give the original author credit.


What will I need to install my artwork?

We recommend the following tools to properly install your Chatterbox artwork:

  • Pencil for marking
  • Tape measure
  • Handheld power drill
  • 1/16″ drill bit and 5/16″ drill bit
  • Stud finder
  • Bubble level
  • Hammer

Click here to download installation instructions.

How do I install my artwork?

Please, follow the installation instructions shipped with your order. If lost, PDF versions of the instructions can be downloaded here.

Can you install my artwork?

Unfortunately, we do not offer installation services at this time.

Spec Information

For detailed information regarding shipping, please visit our Spec page. Click here to download product specifications.


For detailed information regarding shipping, please visit our Shipping page.

What freight company do you use?

FedEx for small shipments. FedEx-Freight or common Less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier for larger shipments.

Do you ship internationally?

Please, contact us if you have an important international project.

What should I do if my shipment arrived damaged?

We are very sorry your order was damaged during transit!

For detailed information and instructions regarding items damaged in transit, please visit our Returns page.

What should I do if my shipment never arrived or can’t be found?

Please call us as soon as possilbe at 619.821.7800 or email It is important to note that claims for non-delivery must be filed within two (2) weeks of the committed delivery date.